How much does it cost to open a home textile store?

Editor:桐乡莎克丝家纺有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-05-08 

The home textile market has always been very concerned about the choice of wisdom. Although the market competition in the home textile industry is very fierce, the number of entrepreneurs among the choice of wisdom is still increasing. For novices who are ready to enter the home textile industry, one of the concerns is how much it costs to open a home textile store? If you are also very interested in this issue, you may wish to look at the following introduction, which may be helpful to you.

To choose a smart home textile store, there are many brands to choose from, with different thresholds. As far as the franchise fee is increased/increased, there are up to hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands of owed or even zero franchise fees, depending on the brand level and market positioning you choose, as well as the selected store’s The size, rent, and the first purchase requirements of the franchised brand are comprehensively determined. The rents of stores in different regions are different. Even if the smart choice is the same brand, the cost of smart selection for opening stores in different regions is also There will be great discrepancies. How much does it cost to open a home textile store? Each brand has requirements for the first purchase amount of franchisees. Different store sizes require different purchase amounts. In addition to the first purchases, franchise fees, and increase/increase of funds, the daily operation of the store also makes up for a certain amount of flow. Funds are used as support, and then rent, labor costs, etc., naturally, the more entrepreneurial funds on hand, the better. All in all, if you want to open a decent home textile store, it is difficult to open the store without a few hundred thousand or two hundred thousand on hand. Of course, the specific situation requires clearer judgment after you have selected the franchise brand.

The home textile business is indeed very attractive, and many home textile specialty stores have good sales performance, so the operator has embarked on the road to success. But not everyone's home textile business has been smooth, and it still depends on the operator's later efforts. How much does it cost to open a home textile store? It's really not a specific number that can be made clear. The first thing you need to do is to determine your own development direction, and then implement the goal a little bit according to your ideas to a certain franchise brand before you can find a definite answer.