What does the count of home textile bedding fabric mean?

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Bedding fabrics are related to the quality of sleeping. If the quality of bedding fabrics is good, it will bring a comfortable dream life, especially for the developing children. Therefore, when choosing bedding fabrics, special attention must be paid to the best choice of the most suitable brand and quality.

Bedding fabrics are divided into plain and twill. For the same yarn count, the quality of the twill is better than the plain weave.

1. Plain weave 30 yarn count: The cost of the count is low, economical and affordable, suitable for low-income consumption. Plain weave has the advantages of firm texture, the same appearance effect on the front and back sides, wear resistance, and good air permeability. However, the density of plain weave fabrics cannot be too high, and the thinness is lighter. The twill is divided into front and back sides. There are few interweaving points in a complete weave cycle, longer floats, soft hand feel, higher weave fabric density, thicker product, and stronger three-dimensional feel.

2. Twill 40 yarn count: This yarn is the mainstream in the current market. It is suitable for most families in society. The thickness of the twill 40 is thinner than the cloth of the twill 30 yarn, but the quality is better than that of the 40 yarn. It belongs to the traditional printing and dyeing process of weaving before dyeing. It has bright colors and many colors. It won't fade without color. For darker fabrics, it may lose color when first washed.

3. High-count high-density reactive printing and dyeing: It is a high-grade combed cotton fabric, the material is more shiny, the feel is smoother and softer, and the price is much higher. Weaving before dyeing process, using imported dyes, environmentally friendly printing and dyeing. Pure cotton fabric will shrink slightly, not ball, no matter the color depth, it will not fade.

4. Brushed printed fabric: This is also a high-grade combed cotton. During the post-processing of this fabric, after the brushing treatment, the surface of the fabric shows a certain velvet feel, which improves the feel of the fabric. Brushing is a good material in bedding fabrics. So what is sanding? Frosted, also known as velvet. The warp and weft yarns can simultaneously produce fluff, and the fluff is short and dense. The suede is smooth, full-feeling, soft, full of velvet, soft gloss, no aurora. The brushed fabric is fluffy, thick, and has good thermal insulation properties. It can be used as a thin quilt in summer, and it has the advantages of being unballable and non-fading.